operation and maintenance

The relevant standards define operation of an electrical installation as any activity, incl. work actions, for keeping the electrical installation functioning. Operation includes such activities as switching, controlling, monitoring and maintenance, and works of both electrical and non-electrical nature. Operation of electrical installations is regulated by the Electrical Safety Act in Estonia and is required to conform to the standard EVS-EN 50110. Operation means everyday inspection, handling and maintenance of the electrical installation, with the regularity and requirements stated in the operation plan. The electrical installation operation service is primarily intended for enterprises and organisations where it would not be reasonable to hire own electricity personnel. It is less expensive and more reliable to outsource operation as a service, thus handing the responsibility for an electrical installation over to the operator.

The purpose of maintenance activities is to keep the electrical installation in a required condition. The following is inspected in the course of maintenance activities: existence of distribution equipment plans and their conformity to the actual situation; the condition of the protective equipment and other electrical equipment and their conformity to the relevant requirements; the marking of cables and the conformity of the marking to the actual situation; the condition of screw and bolt connections; the existence and condition of all necessary protective and earthing leads; the existence and condition of electrical hazard warning signs. These activities also encompass repairs or replacement of defective parts, regular testing of safety lights and systems, and maintenance of lighting fixtures.